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Evaluating The Risk Of Cybercrime - 1771 Words

Evaluating the Risk of Cybercrime Victimizations Cybercrimes are one of the significant types of crimes that make various individuals vulnerable to victimization. Numerous types of cybercrimes exist throughout the world, including identity theft, spam, phishing, and online consumer fraud that relies on computer-based technology to facilitate criminal activities. The risk of cybercrime victimization influences individuals who differ in age, gender, ethnicity, and social class. This conveys that certain individuals are more likely to face cybercrime victimization than others. It’s also important to understand that certain countries are at higher risk of cybercrime victimization due to the level of access towards technology and the effectiveness of different approaches to target these crimes. In this paper, I will discuss demographics such as age, gender, and level of education to predict the risk of cybercrime victimization and emphasize on different approaches that reduces the likelihood of cybercrime victimization. Demograph ic variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, level of education, and social class are immensely helpful in understanding the influence of cybercrimes because these variables predict various types of cybercrimes to a greater extent. The age of a cybercrime victim is significant because certain aged individuals are at greater risk to be victims of cybercrimes. For example, 17% of individuals aged 18 to 24 years â€Å"were more at risk of being bullied,Show MoreRelatedCybercrime And Its Effects On Our Nation s Security And Economy1118 Words   |  5 Pagesfact, Cybercrimes has risen so dramatically that they have seemingly replaced old – fashioned, organized crime. A cybercrime is an act involving the use of computers or technology devices. Cybercrimes affect on our nation’s security and economy. Therefore, there is a statement: â€Å"The US has done plenty to prevent cybercrimes† about cybercrime situations. From my perspective, I do not agree with this opinion. In this essay, I will point out that the US has not done a lot to prevent cybercrimes fromRead MoreThe Purpose Of A National Cybersecurity Strategy1421 Words   |  6 Pagessystem needed by the cyberspace to deal with increasing cybercrime ïÆ' ¼ Striving to become a leading global institution(s) by cybercrime preparedness and cybercrime defense The unique aspects of the ENISA principles and guidelines for national cyber security strategies: a) Awareness – there is a compelling need for securing and protecting of networks and information systems. It is noteworthy that the awareness of the availability of safeguards and risks is the first line of defense for enhancing the securityRead MoreThe Field Of International Security Studies1278 Words   |  6 Pages In understanding the field of international security studies, an array of technical terms and concepts must first be defined. Throughout this research paper I will be using various terminology relating to the cyberspace and its struggles when evaluating the magnitude of potential cyber threats. Lucas Kello is an associate of the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program’s of the Cyber Project for Harvard University’s Cyber Project. Kello is a Harvard undergrad with a master s and doctorateRead MoreBusiness Model For Information Security Essay1681 Words   |  7 Pagesfollowing are instituted: alignment of information security with business objectives where security controls used must be practical and provide real and measurable risk reduction; risk based approach where the information security managers understand the institution and are able to select appropriate controls to mitigate potential threats and risks effectively; balance among organization, people, process and technology where there is organizational support, competent personnel, efficient processes and appropriateRead MoreWEEK TWO CMGT 400 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Essay1436 Words   |  6 Pagesof that account, and gain further access to additional personal information. If a contact happens to be an instructor or advisor, the hacker has a chance to access the college network directly, thereby putting all student and employee information at risk. While some attacks are directed at specific targets, most security threats are connected to unintentional or uninformed practices that open a back door. An unethical person will take advantage of this back door to gain access to a network. Value ofRead MoreCase Study Questions On Management Information Systems1409 Words   |  6 Pagesorganized immediately and making the condition protected. Around 6 pm in the evening, the target condition is in safe and secure and it is terminated the malware at the entrance point with the confident the customers can come to shop at Target with the no risks. A huge number systems were traded off and redress the malware sickness over the large number of in every areas in the nation depending the, what number of systems. Initiation, Investigation and the forensic reporting examination have been done inRead MoreHacker Culture And Mitigation : Cyber Crime1828 Words   |  8 Pagescontained unclear references to â€Å"great damages† asking for monetary compensation to evade it. The premise for the blackmail was that they had stolen a massive trove of sensitive data from Sony which they were releasing to the public in batches. Evaluating from the data the hackers had leaked via t he internet; it seems they had obtained sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and data exposing network architecture as well as a horde of documents containing employee’s personal informationRead MoreUnderstanding The Reading Strategy Of Cause And Effect1308 Words   |  6 PagesJudging author’s credibility. The author establish her credibility by evaluating many sources and also being very knowledge able on the subject of cybersecurity and government affairs. Also the author cited all the sources she used with in the article to support his point. The author is a lecturer on strategic security management and political affairs, also has various degrees on foreign policies and computer security. Evaluating the logic of an argument. In the passage the author discusses, howRead MoreAn Information Security Program Mission1462 Words   |  6 PagesAn Information security programs mission should be developed in a way that â€Å"aligns with organizational strategies by evaluating business requirements, applicable laws, regulations, standards, and best practices† (Module 2). More importantly businesses, governments, and other types of organizations need to incorporate cyber security to conduct business transactions, share information, and interact with customers and suppliers. Threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of cyberspaceRead MoreInformation technology for managers1289 Words   |  6 PagesTechnology (IT) Why Managers Must Understand IT What Is Information Technology? Function IT Network IT Enterprise IT The Role of Managers Vis-À-Vis IT Identifying Appropriate IT Opportunities Smooth Introduction and Adoption of IT Ensuring that IT Risks Are Mitigated What if Managers Do Not Participate in IT? Overview of Remaining Text Chapter Summary Discussion Questions Action Memos Web-Based Case Case Study Endnotes 1 1 4 4 6 6 8 11 11 12 17 19 20 22 22 23 23 23 28

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Here are 10 Good Trees Gone Bad

Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place is a guarantee for future tree removal. Tree removal is, at best, expensive to buy and can be very dangerous if you decide to do it yourself - plus it is back breaking work. A lot of trouble and anxiety can be avoided by planting the appropriate tree in your yard to start with. Bad Tree Characteristics All trees have good and bad characteristics. It is a rare tree that will satisfy your needs throughout its entire life span. A tree can outgrow its original purpose very quickly or grow into its intended purpose very slowly. Understanding this concept is the key to proper tree planting in your yard. Ask yourself these questions when selecting a yard tree: Do I want a trees fruit and leaves to deal with as it matures? Am I willing to plant a fast growing tree but eventually have to deal with its constantly breaking and sprouting from roots? Do I have the space for a large and spreading tree? Trees People Regret Planting Here are ten trees that many homeowners have regretted planting. Think long and hard before planting these trees in your yard.Hackberry  - Although Celtis occidentalis is an important tree in regions where alkaline soils are problematic, it is a poor substitute  when other species are options. The tree has weak wood and messy in the landscape. It grows very large and hard to manage in the landscape. Norway Maple  - Acer platanoides was introduced into North Ameria over 200 years ago and has aggressively spread taking over native maple populations. The invasive nature of the tree degrades most landscapes over time. Silver Maple  -  Acer saccharinum is a maple with some of the weakest wood of the native North American maple. It  has a very short natural life and suffers continually from breakage and disease. Mimosa   -  Albizia julibrissin  or silk tree is a warm-climate invasive exotic and was widely planted for its beautiful flower and beauty in the landscape. It is subject to a major wilt disease and very messy in the landscape. Lombardy poplar   -  Populus nigra  Ã‚  is a North American exotic with absolutely no redeeming  features according to most horticulturists. It has been planted mainly as a windbreak but is short-lived and quickly loses even that ability. Leyland cypress  -  Cupressocyparis leylandii  has been widely planted as hedges over the last three decades. It is now out of favor to plant in all but the most expansive   landscapes. Planting them too close and a major disease makes them undesirable in the urban landscape.   Pin Oak  -  Quercus palustris is actually a very beautiful tree under optimal conditions. Like Leyland cypress, the oak needs a large area in maturity and is subject sensitive  to many soil  conditions common to many yards and landscapes. Cottonwood  -  Populus deltoides   is another weak-wooded tree, messy, massive and has an overwhelming spring shedding of reproductive parts. It still is a favorite  where trees are scarce. Willow  -  Salix  spp. is a beautiful weeping tree in the right landscape, especially in wetlands and near aquatic ecosystems. For these same reasons, it does not make a desirable yard tree because of the need for space and for its destructive tendency to destroy water pipes. Black Locust  -  Robinia pseudoacacia  has a place on our native forests, and even there can become invasive. This tree of thorns really has no place in a landscape enjoyed by visitors. It is also a heavy sprouter/seeder and can quickly overtake even large landscapes.

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Reality and Illusion in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness...

Reality and Illusion in Heart of Darkness Fact is very important to Marlow. Facts are comprehensible. Evil isn’t a supernatural force or a force in opposition to god or life, but that which is incomprehensible to Marlow. The life of the Africans and the power of the jungle—or the larger reality of humanity—is evil in its incomprehensibility. The supreme morality is restraint, and comprehension of the jungle or acceptance of its incomprehensibility becomes symbolic for the absence of restraint in man. Purpose is good in its comprehensibility. When Marlow speaks derisively of the French man-of-war shelling an invisible ‘enemy’ to no purpose it is because he finds its actions ‘incomprehensible.’ Before Marlow becomes engaged in†¦show more content†¦Marlow found nature to be simple, with a singular comprehensible meaning; yet when he experiences the Congo, nature becomes the enemy. Nature betrays Marlow and becomes defined by silence and stillness, its meaning incomprehensi ble and multifarious. ‘My purpose was to stroll into the shade for a moment; but no sooner within than it seemed to me I had stepped into the gloomy circle of some Inferno. The rapids were near, and an uninterrupted, uniform, headlong, rushing noise filled the mournful stillness of the grove, where not a breath stirred, not a leaf moved, with a mysterious sound—as though the tearing pace of the launched earth had suddenly become audible.’ (Conrad, 44). This is the grove of death where Marlow first realizes the extent of the horror perpetrated by the white man and feels more sympathy for (but not kinship to) the dying Africans than the living colonizers. He makes a simile between the grove and Hell. To Marlow, Hell is a place where the movement of water becomes mysterious, uniform noise rather than the recognizable and comprehensible ‘voice of a brother’ that destroys uniformity; where silence is audible. This scene destabilizes the fact of water in his life and it no longer can provide comfort. In the Congo, all that Marlow trusts of realityShow MoreRelatedEssay on Hearts of Darkness: Post Colonialism850 Words   |  4 PagesWrite a critique of Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness, based on your reading about post-colonialism and discussing Conrads view of African culture as other. What would someone from Africa think about this work? Heart of Darkness starts out in London and also ends there as well. Most of the story takes place in the Congo which is now known as the Republic of the Congo. Heart of Darkness was essentially a transitional novel between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. During the nineteenthRead MoreThe Lagoon993 Words   |  4 PagesDan Walsh Joseph Conrad â€Å"The Lagoon† One of the finest stylists of modern English literature was Joseph Conrad, a Polish-born English novelist, short story writer, essayist, dramatist, and autobiographer. Conrad was born on December 3rd 1857 in a Russian-ruled Province of Poland. According to Jocelyn Baines, a literary critic, Conrad was exiled with his parents to northern Russia in 1863 following his parent’s participation in the Polish independence movement. His parents healthRead MoreGender Role In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesGender Role In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness For the most part people who read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad may feel that the novella is strictly a story of exploration and racial discrimination. But to Johanna Smith who wrote â€Å"’Too Beautiful Altogether’: Ideologies of Gender and Empire in Heart of Darkness† it is much more than that. Johanna Smith along with Wallace Watson and Rita A. Bergenholtz agree that throughout Heart of Darkness there are tones of gender prejudice, but the wayRead MoreHeart Of Darkness Critical Analysis1980 Words   |  8 PagesThe legacy of Heart of Darkness is credited more to Joseph Conrad’s ensnaring form than his message. Readers enamored with the first few pages of â€Å" still and exquisite brilliance† as an unnamed Narrator drifts down the Thames at the helm of a yacht are unceremoniously thrust into a framed narrative of a man who ventures in and out of the heart of the Congo (Conrad 4). Marlow begins his tale by suggesting that England too, was once a dark place to be conquered. â€Å"The conquest of the earth is notRead MoreEssay about Feminist Imagery in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness1220 Words   |  5 PagesImagery in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Many feminist critics have used Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness to show how Marolw constructs parallels and personification between women and the inanimate jungle that he speaks of. The jungle that houses the savages and the remarkable Kurtz has many feminine characteristics. By the end of the novel, it is the same feminized wilderness and darkness that Marlow identifies as being the cause of Kurtzs mental and physical collapse. In Heart of DarknessRead More Oppositions in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay1209 Words   |  5 PagesOppositions in Heart of Darkness      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness is full of oppositions.   The most obvious is the juxtaposition of darkness and light, which are both present from the very beginning, in imagery and in metaphor.   The novella is a puzzling mixture of anti-imperialism and racism, civilization and savagery, idealism and nihilism.   How can they be reconciled?   The final scene, in which Marlow confronts Kurtzs Intended, might be expected to provide resolution.   However, itRead MoreThe Importance Of Imperialism In Joseph Conrads Heart Of Darkness1174 Words   |  5 PagesOn the surface, Conrad’s work seems to simply stress, â€Å"Humanity is important; fidelity is the highest virtue† (Moser, 1966, pg 11) but is both more subtle and complex. Even in the title of the book, Heart of Darkness, has significance. Africa’s Victorian era nickname was the ‘dark continent’, which â€Å"referred to the fact that little was known in the West about the interior of the continent† (, 2017). Therefore, Congo is the interior or ‘heart’ of Africa. This title also alludes toRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1555 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough the author Joseph Conrad never met the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who died more than a century before Conrad’s birth, their distinct philosophies still have numerous points of intersection, suggesting some fundamental truths within the structure of the human reality. Through the novella, Heart of Darkness, Conrad details his perspectives on the faults of man and reality as a whole, with views often coinciding with many of Leibniz’s own, as found in his numerous philosophicalRead More The Lie of Imperialism Exposed in Literature Essay3048 Words   |  13 Pagesnations during the colonial period had far-reaching and detrimental affects on the language and identity of traditional societies. Derek Walcottâ₠¬â„¢s postcolonial poem, â€Å"The Season of Phantasmal Peace† (1981) presented in dialogue with Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1910) and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (1958) brings to light the powerful role that language played in executing the lie of imperialism on colonized peoples and the implications that this exertion of power has had and continuesRead More journeyhod In Quest of Self in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness4090 Words   |  17 PagesIn Quest of Self in Heart of Darkness      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Conrads Heart of Darkness Marlow comes to the Congo for experience and self in the ancient belief that a man is shaped by what he does, that character is formed by what happens to one. But surrounding all of mans efforts in the Congo is a presence: Kurtz listened to it and went mad, and Marlow recognizes it but refuses to listen, neutralizes the appeal of the unknown and survives Kurtz, who succumbed to the fascinating wilderness.

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou - 6502 Words

Analysis: Chapters 1–5 The lines from the poem Maya cannot finish, â€Å"What are you looking at me for? I didn’t come to stay . . .† capture two of the most significant issues she struggles with in her childhood and young adulthood: feeling ugly and awkward and never feeling attached to one place. First, Maya imagines that though people judge her unfairly by her awkward looks, they will be surprised one day when her true self emerges. At the time, she hopes that she will emerge as if in a fairy-tale as a beautiful, blond white girl. By the age of five or six, Maya has already begun to equate beauty with whiteness, a sign that the racism rampant in the society in which she grows up has infiltrated her mind. Second, uprooted and sent away from†¦show more content†¦Even Willie, whom he deems â€Å"innocent,† has to hide in a potato bin all night while the white men scour the black section of Stamps for a scapegoat. Against the backdrop of such terrifying events, Momma keeps her faith and self-respect, providing an influential example for Maya and Bailey. Her confrontation with the three white girls—another example of the overt insidiousness of racism—becomes a victory for Momma because she refuses to be displaced. While Maya feels apprehension, Momma’s refusal to retreat inside the Store at their approach diffuses any threat the children pose to her authority or her identity. Under her silent, impassive gaze, their antics become an embarrassment to them, not to Momma. Momma addresses the girls with respect, demonstrating her maturity and poise. She shows that, though these girls may be above her on the social ladder, she is better and stronger than they are. In the context of the girls’ ridiculous and terrible behavior, a level to which Momma never stoops herself, Momma’s respectful address becomes ironic. From the beginning, Maya shows that Momma and Baileyâ €”her hero who sticks up for her time and time again—provide her with a loving, respectful foundation that will support her in the future. Analysis: Chapters 6–10 Momma’s philosophy regarding the safest way to deal with whites typifies the attitudes prevalent during the Jim Crow era—the period between 1877 and the mid-1960’s during which a strictShow MoreRelatedI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou1391 Words   |  6 PagesMaya Angelou’s debut autobiography is an article of literature that depicts the life of a young black girl growing up in a world pitted against her, and the resilience she found in herself in order to survive. Angelou is a voice that is not often heard. In a world dominated by a white male narrative, the plights of the minority are often overshadowed. Thus, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is an imperative novel as it articulates the life of not only Angelou, but also of the unique experiences thatRead MoreI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou Essay2303 Words   |  10 PagesOne of the quotes that Maya Angelou spoke about goes â€Å"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.† In two of the poems written by Maya Angelou ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,’ which inspired millions of readers helped tackle difficulties related to themes such as racism, sexual abuse, equality. â€Å"Still I Rise† explores the idea of racial discrimination along with Abel Meeropol â€Å"Strange Fruit† and ‘Caged Bird’ which was sang by AliciaRead MoreI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou886 Words   |  4 PagesChampion of the World is a chapter in Maya Angelou s book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings where the focal point describes a very significant event to the African American people during her adolescence. It shows a 1930’s black community fired up about a fight over racial resentment build up over the past years. The famous African American boxer, Joe Louis, it fighting for his title against a white contender. The story explains in detail the overwhelming amount of excitement and eagerness comingRead MoreI Know Wh y The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou1609 Words   |  7 PagesI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou displays several characters who each own a voice that they make their own. Throughout the memoir, the reader learns about Angelou’s life, including the people that she grew up with as a child. One of the main characters that had a significant impact on Angelou as she was growing up was her brother, Bailey. Bailey helped Angelou understand the life around her as she was trying to navigate the world. He was a strong role model that she could look up toRead MoreEssay on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou2409 Words   |  10 Pagesskin. Since they were evidently treated differently, many despised the fact that they were black. As a result of their helpless circumstances, it was understandable that many blacks during that time lacked confidence and self-acceptance. Maya Angelou was an African American girl who grew up during this challenging time. During her childhood, she witnessed and experienced racial prejudice first hand. She had difficultly understanding and accepting the consequences that accompanied belongingRead MoreI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou Analysis840 Words   |  4 Pagesperson is none other than Maya Angelou. Angelou has been a famous American poet since the release of her 1969 autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Angelou has inspired many people by telling her life story to the public, but not only did she inspire, she also created a very different and personal point of view of the world we live in. The poem’s she has written transition from pain and suffering or to courage and confidence. Nonetheless, even though Angelou wrote mostly about anguishedRead MoreMaya Angelou s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings913 Words   |  4 Pages Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sin gs is an autobiography that describes the coming of age of a Southern black girl who overcomes society’s cruelty as she grows up. Taking place in Stamps, Kansas during the 1930s, the autobiography captures Marguerite Ann Johnson’s, or Maya’s, battle of finding herself and coming to terms with who she is while growing up in a time period comprised of oppression and discrimination. Furthermore, Maya endures many childhood hardships due to her race, and sheRead MoreMaya Angelou s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings701 Words   |  3 PagesMaya Angelou: â€Å" I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings† In this poem Maya Angelou talks about the civil rights movement. She also express her personal life of what she went through such as being raped at the age of 6 by her mother’s boyfriend and also becoming mute for 5 years. She also states how she got pregnant and had to raise a child at 16. All these events led up to writing this poem from a caged bird that sings point of view. â€Å"Remembrance† In this poem Maya Angelou express how she was being rapedRead MoreMaya Angelou s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings1888 Words   |  8 Pages Maya Angelou once said â€Å"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated† and this phrase speaks volume in comparison to Angelou’s life story. She was born Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4th, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri. The name Maya was given to her by her older brother, Bailey Jr. Maya Angelou is not only a sister, but also an inspirational role model, a mother, an author, a poet, a civil rights activist, and an actor. In 1969 Angelou’s world renowned book â€Å"I Know Why the Caged BirdRead MoreI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou2313 Words   |  10 Pagesknown as â€Å"Maya† sees beauty as being a blond white girl instead of an African American girl. Becoming a white girl is the only way she feels that she can escape the black hole that she feels she’s so constantly sucked int o. In the book, â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings†, written by Maya Angelou, Marguerite states â€Å"I was going to look like one of the sweet little white girls who were everybody s dream of what was right with the world†(Introduction). Also, Marguerite states â€Å"Because I was really

Night World Witchlight Chapter 5 Free Essays

string(245) " losing it and saying, What do you think you’re doing, waltzing in and trying to hitch me up to some guy I’ve never met\? Asking me to fight is one thing but ordering me to marry-giving me away like some object-that’s another\." Everything hung in the balance, and for a moment Keller thought that they had won. Diana’s face looked different, older and more clearly defined. For all her flower-petal prettiness, she had a strong little chin. We will write a custom essay sample on Night World : Witchlight Chapter 5 or any similar topic only for you Order Now But she didn’t say anything, and her eyes were still hazy. â€Å"Toby,† Grandma Harman said abruptly. â€Å"Put in the video.† Her apprentice went to the VCR. Keller stared at the tape in his hand, her heart picking up speed. A video. Could that be what she thought it was? â€Å"What you’re about to see is-well, let’s just say it’s very secret,† Grandma Harman said to Iliana as the apprentice fiddled with the controls. â€Å"So secret that there’s only one tape of it, and that stays locked up in Circle Daybreak headquarters at all times. I’m the only person I trust to carry it around. All right, Toby, play it.† Iliana looked at the TV apprehensively. â€Å"What is it?† The old woman smiled at her. â€Å"Something the enemy would really like to see. It’s a record of the other Wild Powers-in action.† The first scene on the tape was live news coverage of a fire. A little girl was trapped in a second-story apartment, and the flames were getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the tape went into slow motion, and a blue flash lit the screen. When the flash died away, the fire was out. â€Å"The blue fire,† Grandma Harman said. â€Å"The first Wild Power we found did that, smothered those ordinary flames with a single thought. That’s just one example of what it can do.† The next scene was of a dark-haired young man. This one was obviously deliberately filmed; the boy was looking directly into the camera. He took a knife from his belt and very coolly made a cut on his left wrist. Blood welled up in the wound and dripped to the ground. â€Å"The second Wild Power,† Grandma Harman said. â€Å"A vampire prince.† The boy turned and held out the arm that was bleeding. The camera focused on a large boulder about thirty feet away. And then the tape went into slow motion again, and Keller could actually see the blue fire shoot out from his hand. It started as a burst, but what followed was a steady stream. It was so bright that the camera couldn’t deal with it; it bleached out the rest of the picture. But when it hit the rock, there was no doubt about what happened. The two-ton boulder exploded into gravel. When the dust settled, there was only a charred crater in the ground. The dark-haired boy looked back at the camera, then shrugged and targeted another boulder. He wasn’t even sweating. Keller’s breath came out involuntarily. Her heart was pounding, and she knew her eyes were glittering. She saw Galen glance sideways at her but ignored him. Power like that, she thought. I never really imagined it. If I had that power, the things I could do with it†¦ Before she could help herself, she had turned to him. â€Å"Don’t you see? That’s what you’ll bring to our side if you choose to fight with us. That’s what’s going to give us a chance against them. You have to do it, don’t you understand?† It was the wrong thing to say. Diana’s reaction to the video had been completely different from Keller’s own. She was staring at the TV as if she were watching open-heart surgery. Unsuccessful open-heart surgery. I don’t – I can’t do anything like that!† â€Å"Diana-â€Å" â€Å"And I don’t want to! No. Look.† A veil seemed to have dropped down behind Diana’s beautiful eyes. She was facing Keller, but Keller wondered if she actually saw anything. She spoke rapidly, almost frantically. â€Å"You said you had to talk to me, so I listened. I even watched your-your special effects stuff.† She waved a hand at the screen where the boy was blowing up more boulders. â€Å"But now it’s over, and I’m going home. This is all-I don’t know. It’s all too weird for me! I’m telling you, I can’t do that kind of thing. You’re looking at the wrong person.† â€Å"We looked at all your cousins first,† Grandma Harman said. â€Å"Thea and Blaise. Gillian, who was a lost witch like yourself. Even poor Sylvia, who was seduced over to the enemy side. But it was none of them. Then we found you.† She leaned forward, trying to hold Diana with her eyes. â€Å"You have to accept it, child. It’s a great responsibility and a great burden, but no one else can do it for you. Come and take your place with us.† Iliana wasn’t listening. It was as simple as that. Keller could almost see the words bouncing off her. And her eyes†¦ Not a veil, Keller thought. A wall had dropped down. It had slammed into place, and Diana was hiding behind it. â€Å"If I don’t get home soon, my mother’s going to go crazy. I just ran out for a few minutes to get some gold stretchy ribbon-you know, the kind that has like a rubber band inside? It seems like I’m always looking for that. We have some from last year, but it’s already tied, and it won’t fit on the presents I’m doing.† Keller stared at her, then cast a glance heavenward. She could see the others staring, too. Winnie’s mouth was hanging open. Nissa’s eyebrows were in her hair. Galen looked dismayed. Grandma Harman said, â€Å"If you won’t accept your responsibilities as a Wild Power, will you at least do your duty as the Witch Child? The winter solstice is next Saturday. On that night, there’s going to be a meeting of the shapeshifters and the witches. If we can show them a promise ceremony between you and the son of the First House of the shapeshifters, the shapeshifters will join us.† Keller half expected Iliana to explode. And in the deepest recesses of her own heart, she wouldn’t really have blamed her. She could understand Iliana losing it and saying, What do you think you’re doing, waltzing in and trying to hitch me up to some guy I’ve never met? Asking me to fight is one thing but ordering me to marry-giving me away like some object-that’s another. You read "Night World : Witchlight Chapter 5" in category "Essay examples" But Iliana didn’t say anything like that. She said, â€Å"And I’ve still got so many presents to wrap, and I’m not anywhere near done shopping. Plus, this week at school is going to be completely crazy. And Saturday, that’s the night Jaime and Brett Ashton-Hughes are having their birthday party. I can’t miss that.† Keller lost it. â€Å"What is wrong with you? Are you deaf or just stupid?† Iliana talked right over her. â€Å"They’re twins, you know. And I think Brett kind of likes me. Their family is really rich, and they live in this big house, and they only invite a few people to their parties. All the girls have crushes on him. Brett, I mean.† â€Å"No,† Keller answered her own question. â€Å"You’re just the most selfish, spoiled little brat I’ve ever met!† â€Å"Keller,† Nissa said quietly. â€Å"It’s no good. The harder you push her, the more she goes into denial.† Keller let out her breath. She knew that it was true, but she had never been more frustrated in her life. Grandma Harman’s face suddenly looked very old and very tired. â€Å"Child, we can’t force you to do anything. But you have to realize that we’re not the only ones who want you. The other side knows about you, too. They won’t give up, and they will use force.† â€Å"And they’ve got a lot of force.† Keller turned to the old woman. â€Å"I need to tell you about that. I didn’t want to say it on the phone, but they already tried to get Iliana once today. We had to fight them at the mall.† She took a deep breath. â€Å"And they had a dragon.† Grandma Harman’s head jerked up. Those steely lavender-gray eyes fixed on Keller. â€Å"Tell me.† Keller told everything. As she did, Grandma Harman’s face seemed to get older and older, sinking into haggard lines of worry and sadness. But all she said at the end was, â€Å"I see. Well have to try to find out how they got him, and what exactly his powers are. I don’t think there’s anybody alive today who’s an expert on-those creatures.† â€Å"They called him Azhdeha.† â€Å"Hmm-sounds Persian.† â€Å"It is,† Galen said. ‘It’s one of the old names for the constellation Draco. It means ‘man-eating serpent'† Keller looked at him in surprise. He had been sitting quietly all this time, listening without interrupting. Now he was leaning forward, his gold-green eyes intense. â€Å"The shapeshifters have some old scrolls about dragons. I think you should ask for them. They might give some idea about what powers they have and how to fight them. I saw the scrolls once, but I didn’t really study them; I don’t think anybody has.† He’d seen the ancient scrolls? Then he was a shapeshifter, after all. But why hadn’t she been able to sense an animal form for him? â€Å"Galen-† Keller began, but Grandma Harman was speaking. ‘It’s a good idea. When I get them, I’ll send copies to you and Keller. He’s one of your people, after all, and you may be able to help figure out how to fight him.† Keller wanted to say indignantly that he wasn’t any connection to her, but of course it wasn’t true. The dragons had ruled the shapeshifters, once. Their blood still ran in the First House, the Drache family that ruled the shapeshifters today. Whatever that monster was, he was one of her people. â€Å"So it’s decided. Keller, you and your team will take Iliana home. I’ll go back to Circle Daybreak and try to find out more about dragons. Unless†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She looked at Iliana. â€Å"Unless this discussion has changed your mind.† Iliana, unbelievably, was still prattling, having a conversation about presents with nobody in particular. It was clear that her mind hadn’t changed. What wasn’t clear to Keller was whether she had a mind. But Keller had other things to worry about. Tm sorry-but you’re not serious, are you? About taking her home?† â€Å"Perfectly serious,*’ Grandma Harman said. â€Å"But we can’t† â€Å"We can, and we have to. You three girls will be her bodyguards-and her friends. I’m hoping that you can persuade her to accept her responsibility by Saturday night at midnight, when the shapeshifters and the witches convene. But if not†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Grandma Harman bowed her head slightly, leaning on her cane. She was looking at Iliana. â€Å"If not,† she said in a barely audible voice, â€Å"you’ll just have to protect her for as long as you can.† Keller was choking. 1 don’t see how we can protect her at all. With all respect, ma’am, it’s an insane idea. They have to know where her house is by now. Even if we stick beside her twenty-four hours a day-and I don’t see how we can even do that, with her family around-â€Å" The white head came up, and there was even a faint curve to the old woman’s lips. ‘Illtake care of that. Ill have a talk with her mother-young Anna, Elspeth’s granddaughter.Ill introduce myself and explain that her daughter’s long-lost cousins’ have come to visit for Christmas.† And undoubtedly do something witchy to Anna’s mind, Keller thought Yeah, after that they’d be accepted, although none of them looked a bit like Iliana’s cousins. â€Å"And then I will put up wards around that house.† There was a flash like silver lightning in Grandma Harman’s eyes as she said it â€Å"Wards that will hold against anything from the outside. As long as nobody inside disturbs them, you’ll be safe.† She cocked an eyebrow at Keller. â€Å"Satisfied?† â€Å"I’m sorry-no. It’s still too dangerous.† â€Å"Then what would you suggest we do?† â€Å"Kidnap her,† Keller said instantly. She could hear Iliana stop babbling in the background; she wasn’t gaining any Brownie points there. She bulldozed on grimly. â€Å"Look, I’m just a grunt; I obey orders. But I think that she’s too important for us to just let her run around loose where they might get hold of her. I think we should take her to a Circle Daybreak enclave like the ones where the other Wild Powers are. Where we can protect her from the enemy.† Grandma Harman looked her in the eye. â€Å"If we do that,† she said mildly, â€Å"then we are the enemy.† There was a pause. Keller said, â€Å"With all respect, ma’am-â€Å" â€Å"I don’t want your respect. I want your obedience. The leaders of Circle Daybreak made a firm decision when this whole thing started. If we can’t convince a Wild Power by reasoning, we will not resort to force. So your orders are to take your team and stay with this child and protect her as long as you can.† â€Å"Excuse me.† It was Galen. The others had been sitting and watching silently. Nissa and Winnie were too smart to get involved in an exchange like this, but Keller could see that they were both unhappy. â€Å"What is it?† Grandma Harman asked. â€Å"If you don’t mind, I’d like to go with them. I could be another ‘cousin.’ It would make four of us to watch over her-better odds.† Keller thought she might have an apoplexy. She was so mad, she couldn’t even get words out While she was choking uselessly, Galen was going on. His face still looked pale and strained, like a young soldier coming back from battle, but his dark gold hair was shining, and his eyes were steady. His whole attitude was one of earnest pleading. Tm not a fighter, but maybe I can learn. After all, that’s what we’re asking Iliana to do, isn’t it? Can we ask anything of her that we’re not ready to do ourselves?† Grandma Harman, who had been frowning, now looked him up and down appraisingly. â€Å"You have a fine young mind,† she said. â€Å"Like your father’s. He and your mother were both strong warriors, as well.† Galen’s eyes darkened. ‘Td hoped I wouldn’t have to be one. But it looks like we can’t always choose.† Keller didn’t know what they were talking about or why the Crone of all the Witches knew the parents of this guy she’d met in a mall. But she’d finally gotten the obstruction out of her throat. â€Å"No way!† she said explosively. She was on her feet now, too, black hair flying as she looked from Grandma Harman to Galen. â€Å"I mean it. There is no way I am taking this boy back with us. And you may be the leader of the witches, ma’am, but, no offense intended, I don’t think you have the authority to make me. I’d have to hear it from the leaders of Circle Daybreak themselves, from Thierry Descouedres or Lady Hannah. Or from the First House of the shapeshifters.† Grandma Harman gave an odd snort. Keller ignored it. ‘It’s not just that he’s not a fighter. He’s not involved in this. He doesn’t have any part in it.† Grandma Harman looked at Galen, not entirely approvingly. â€Å"It seems you’ve been keeping secrets. Are you going to tell her, or shall I?† â€Å"I-† Galen turned from her to Keller. â€Å"Listen. I’m sorry-I should have mentioned it before.† His eyes were embarrassed and apologetic. ‘It just-there just didn’t seem to be a right time.† He winced. â€Å"I wasn’t in that mall today accidentally. I came by to look for Iliana. I wanted to see her, maybe get to know her a little.† Keller stared at him, not breathing. â€Å"Why?† â€Å"Because†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He winced again. â€Å"I’m Galen Drache†¦ of the First House of the shapeshifters,† Keller blinked while the room revolved briefly. I should have known. I should have realized. That’s why he seemed like a shapeshifter, but I couldn’t get any animal sense from him. Children of the First House weren’t born connected to any particular animal. They had power over all animals, and they were allowed to choose when they became adults which one they would shift into. It also explained how he’d known which pressure points to use to get her off the dragon. And his telepathy-children of the First House could connect to any animal mind. When the room settled back into place, Keller realized that she was still standing there, and Galen was still looking at her. His eyes were almost beseeching. ‘I should have explained,† he said. â€Å"Well, of course, it was your choice,† Keller said stiffly. There was an unusual amount of blood in her cheeks; she could feel it burning. She went on, â€Å"And, naturally, I’m sorry if anything I’ve said has given offense.† â€Å"Keller, please don’t be formal.† â€Å"Let’s see, I haven’t greeted you properly, or given you my obedience.† Keller took his hand, which was well made, long-fingered, and cold. She brought it to her forehead. â€Å"Welcome, Drache, son of the First House of the shapeshifters. I’m yours to command, naturally.† There was a silence. Keller dropped Galen’s hand. Galen looked miserable. â€Å"You’re really mad now, aren’t you?† he observed. â€Å"1 wish you every happiness with your new bride,† Keller said through her teeth. She couldn’t figure out exactly why she was so mad. Sure, she’d been made a fool of, and now she was going to have to take responsibility for an untrained boy who couldn’t even shapeshift into a mouse. But it was more than that. He’s going to marry that whiny little flower in the corner, a voice in Keller’s head whispered. He has to marry her, or at least go through a promise ceremony that’s just as binding as marriage. If he doesn’t, the shapeshifters will never join with the witches. They’ve said so, and they’ll never back down. And if they don’t join with the witches . .. everything you’ve ever worked for is finished. And your job is to persuade the flower to do her duty, the voice continued brightly. That means you’ve got to convince her to marry him. Instead of eating her. Keller’s temper flared. I don’t want to eat her, she snapped back at the voice. And I don’t care who this idiot marries. It’s none of my business. She realized that the room was still silent, and everyone was watching Iliana and Galen. Iliana had stopped prattling. She was looking at Galen with huge violet eyes. He was looking back, strained and serious. Then he turned to Keller again. â€Å"I’d still like to help, if you’ll let me come.† â€Å"I told you, I’m yours to command,† Keller said shortly. â€Å"It’s your decision. I’d like to mention that it just makes things a little harder on my team. Now we’re going to have to look out for you as well as her. Because, you see, you’re not expendable after all.† â€Å"I don’t want you to look out for me,† he said soberly. â€Å"I’m not important.† Keller wanted to say, Don’t be an idiot. No you, no promise ceremony, no treaty. It’s as simple as that. We’ve got to protect you. But she’d already said more than enough. Toby was retrieving the tape from the VCR. Grandma Harman was making getting-ready-to-rise motions with her cane. â€Å"I think we’ve stayed here long enough,† she said to Keller. Keller nodded stiffly. â€Å"Would you like to come in the limo? Or would you rather follow us to her house?† Grandma Harman opened her mouth to answer, but she never got the chance. Keller’s ears caught the sound of movement outside just before the living room window shattered. How to cite Night World : Witchlight Chapter 5, Essay examples

Strategy In The Human Resource Management â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Strategy In The Human Resource Management? Answer: Introducation In the seminar one training session, we studied two main modules, namely, strategic human resource management and human resource planning. In the present world, the businesses have become much more competitive and profit focused. The role of the HR managers has become much more engaging and strategic (Armstrong, 2010). They are crucial in developing the human resources of an organization and have an integral part in resource planning and achieving the objectives of the organization. The HR manager has several diversified roles in a business organization and they are crucial in linking the organizations goals with the shareholder value of the organization. The strategic management refers to the process of integrating business strategy in the human resource management (Fottler, Khatri Savage, 2010). It is used to analyze the human resource requirements in an organization and fulfill it for longer duration. It also analyzes the requirements for the technical skills and the makes provis ions to fulfill them. In the present world, strategic HRM is considered crucial in the growth of business organizations as they have the responsibility of recruiting and retaining the talented workforce in the organization (Harzing Pinnington, 2010). They also work in close association with line managers and both of them are responsible in the performance management and taking crucial business decisions. A business organization can achieve superior competitive advantage over its competitors by developing its resources, capabilities and competitive power and the HR manager plays a crucial role in it (Regis, 2008). Other than that, I also learnt the importance of planning process in the human resource management. It is important for the HR manager to forecast the human resource demands and develop strategy to fulfill them. The HR manager also needs to retain the employees within the organization. During my tenure with an organization wherein I worked as an associate HR manager, the most challenging part was providing appropriate training to the employees (Martin, 2010). The employees should be provided training to remain competitive with the current market trends. It is important to design the training programs such that they impart maximum knowledge and skills to the employees (Snell, Morris Bohlander, 2015). Therefore, designing the employee training program is quite challenging for the organization. The training program may focus on diverse skills which include soft skills, technical skills or additional course (Reilly Williams, 2016). Other than that, I also realized that retaining the em ployees within the organization is also challenging for the organization (Wilton, 2010). The business organization needs to demonstrate that it care for the employees so that they remain engaged within the organization. During this module, I realized that employee engagement strategies are important for an organization as they are crucial in retaining the employees and keeping them motivated in the organization. The employee engagement strategies are crucial in increasing the productivity of the organization and assist the organization in achieving the objectives of the organization. References Armstrong, M. (2010). Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice: A Guide to People Management. Kogan Page Publishers. Fottler, M.D., Khatri, N., Savage, G.T. (2010). Strategic Human Resource Management in Health Care. Emerald Group Publishing. Harzing, W., Pinnington, A. (2010). International Human Resource Management. SAGE. Martin, J. (2010). Key Concepts in Human Resource Management. SAGE. Regis, R. (2008). Strategic Human Resource Management and Development. Excel Books. Reilly, P., Williams, T. (2016). Strategic HR: Building the Capability to Deliver. CRC Press. Snell, S.A., Morris, S., Bohlander, G.W. (2015). Managing Human Resources. Cengage Learning. Wilton, N. (2010). An Introduction to Human Resource Management. SAGE.

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A Marketing Plan

Question: Write an essay onA marketing plan. Answer: Introduction: A marketing plan represents a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the process by which an organization promotes and advertises a particular products and services for the future years. It elaborates business activities involved in fulfilling particular marketing objectives within given timeframe. A marketing plan also comprises a description of current marketing position of an organization. Identification of marketing plan depends heavily on the organizational goals and objectives. An appropriate marketing plan considers historical information, strategies and methods for achieving organizational goals and future predictions. However, marketing a museum for enhancing the popularity is somewhat different from the conventional marketing plan. Since, museum comprises with several historical products that have to take care in an appropriate manner. In this report, the focus will be on the marketing plan of Victoria and Albert Museum. The focus museum is one of the most popular museums in UK that induces fare number of visitors from all across the world (Victoria and Albert Museum 2016). The report will contain in-depth analysis of the internal and external factors of the market in order to identify the best possible marketing plan for the museum. External analysis of Victoria and Albert Museum: PESTEL analysis: Political factor Change in the government rules and regulation has induces Victoria and Albert Museum to changes several rules and regulation of the museum. For instance, government regulatory has made free entry for the public that affected the collection level of the museum (Zaniol 2016). Government has also reduces the total amount of funding for the maintenance of the museum that also reduces the amount of money invested in the promotional campaign (Farrelly and Weddell 2016). Spending assessment and imposing boundaries on the spending on the local communities also have affected the businesses of the museum. Economical factor High inflation rate in UK has affected the spending pattern of the people (McNeil 2014). On the other hand, GDP of the country has increases very marginally. Presently, UK is experiencing fluctuation in the economic cycle. Therefore, it creating difficulties for the museum managers to handle finances for the future projects accurately. Individual funding and private sector investment for the museum is on the decrease (Hughes 2014). As a result, museum is facing challenges lot of difficulties to utilize effective promotional campaign. Social factor Museum has to preserve its valuable items for the future enhancement of the popularity. People tastes and choices are continuously changing. Therefore, it is creating challenges for the museum in order to maintain the popularity level among the people. Tourism is a huge business that provides lot of opportunities for museum to harness the popularity. However, museum has to face challenges from the amusement parks and other popular places. Technological factor Utilization of the innovative technology has created huge amount of challenges for the museum. Since, they have to focus more on the social media marketing, website marketing for enhancing the popularity of the museum. It provides opportunities for the museum to get close to many potential visitors. Furthermore, software like USI and business management software, Siruisware sales point software helps VA museum to enhance administrative functions like online booking, even planning etc (Sheridan 2014). Environmental factor VA museum is facing challenges in maintaining proper and clean atmosphere at the museum due to the huge number of visitors (Hogg, Liao and O'Gorman 2014). In order to maintain proper environment at the museum, management have to implement effective waste management so that it cannot able to create negative impact. Legal factor VA museum is facing difficulties in handling the changes in rules and regulation imposing by the government. Changes in legislation rules and regulation have also increases the uncertainty for the managers in developing marketing plan for the museum. Table 1: PESTEL analysis (Source: Thompson 2015) Porter five-force analysis: Rivalry among existing competitors: Rivalry among the existing competitors plays a key role in developing popularity of a particular tourist spot. Now, VA is situated in the heart of London. As a result, it has to face huge amount of competition from different other tourist attractions like Science museum, Serpentine Gallery, National History Museum, Saatchi Gallery, etc. All this spot also creating challenges for the museum to remain popular and attract more tourist to visit the place. Threat of new entrants: Museum represents a strong brand that requires huge amount of investment. It is also very labour intensive. On the other hand, VA is known as the most decorative art and design museum. Furthermore, government also put lot rules and regulations regarding the copyrights and taxes that limit the possibility of new entry in the market. Threat of substitutes: Every museum has to face the threat of getting substitute, which eventually reduce the popularity level in the market. Furthermore, UK has almost 2500 museums as well as other art galleries (Wanhill 2013). Therefore, museum has to face the threat of losing popularity due to the emergence of substitute attractions. Bargaining power of customers: VA museum is one of the most popular places in London that attracts tourist from all part of the world. Therefore, bargaining power of customers remains very low. Furthermore, tourists come to visit the place as a group that reduces the power of individual bargaining. However, government no entrance fee policy has reduces the possibility of bargaining. Bargaining power of suppliers: Museum has to face huge amount of competition to maintain its popularity in the market. However, museums generally struggle to have proper grants and fund to increase the popularity. Now, suppliers are very for the museums. Therefore, they possess high level of bargaining power. Internal analysis of Victoria and Albert museum: 7C analysis: Credibility: VA museum is the most popular art and design museum in UK. As a result, VA museum possess high level of credibility. Furthermore, utilization of the online sources has increases the knowledge of the potential visitors of the museum. It definitely creates positive impact on the business perspectives of the museum. Cost effective: VA museum always focuses on the convenience of the visitors so that they can have the best possible experience at the time of visiting. Therefore, VA museum always focuses on the cost effective pricing structure in order to improve the level f popularity of the museum (Russo 2012). Therefore, promotional campaign of VA museum always focuses on the low cost strategy as well. Customers: As the most decorated art and design museum in UK, VA museum aims to grab the attention of the customers from all across the world. Therefore, promotional campaigns of VA museum do not focus on a particular geographical area. However, museum does utilize direct promotional campaigns so that the popularity level of the domestic customers can be increased. Connections: As per the article by Christensen (2015), retaining the visitors is probably the most important factor that can have huge amount of impact on the popularity level. Thus, VA museum ensures that all the visitors can able to have the best possible atmosphere so that they come back to visit the museum in future as well. VA utilize social and online media for providing information of special functions so that the customers can be influenced to visit the museum for many times. Close: In the present competitive situation, it is important to fulfil all the requirements of each and every individuals. For that reason, many tourists spots have special support team that provide personal guidance that eventually help to get closed with the customers. However, VA museum does not focus too much on a particular individual, as it might reduce the focus of overall objective of the marketing plan. Customer service: Customer service is another important factor that every firm has to consider in order to increase its popularity in the market. VA museum also focuses on this perspective through several techniques so that the visitors can feel satisfied. VA utilize F.A.Q section in the website so that visitors can post any complaints regarding the museum (Camarero, Garrido and San Jos 2016). Furthermore, VA museum also use social media to solve any query of the customers. Cash: One of the major perspectives of VA museum for implementing marketing plan is increase the revenue level. Thus, VA museum focuses on to increase the level of funding provided by the government and private sector. The museum also focuses on to set the pricing structure of different events in such a way so that it can create positive impact on the present level of revenue for the museum. Objectives for Victoria and Albert Museum: The marketing objective of Victoria and Albert Museum are as follows: Specific To enhance brand value and reputation of the museum by providing superior quality of services Measurable To increase the number of visitors by up to 10% this year Attainable To induce more people to visit the museum so that it can increase the collection level of the museum Relevant To boost the financial condition of the Victoria and Albert Museum, as the museum is facing challenges regarding the short of investment from both government and private sector Time based To achieve continues growth in popularity for the time period of 5 years Table 2: SMART objectives of VA museum STP analysis for Victoria and Albert Museum: Segmentation: As mentioned by Shannon (2016) organizations have to understand every aspect of the mark in order to segment it affectively. Marketing plan of VA museum is focusing on the global market. It has to identify the best attraction for the foreign visitors so that they can highlight them on the website and social media platform in order to induce foreign people to visit the museum. However, VA museum also have to utilize demographic, psychographic and behavioural segmentation technique to enhance the effectiveness (Wan 2015). In case of demographic segmentation, management of VA museum has to consider factors like age, gender, education and income level. The marketing plan of VA museum focuses on the age group of 10-35 years in order to fulfil its marketing objectives (James 2013). In case of psychographic segment, marketing plan of VA museum will have to focus on the factors like social class, lifestyle and personality. As per the article by vom Lehn and Heath (2016), psychographic segmen tation is very important for the organization to identify potential customers from the market. As per the article by Black (2015), analyzing behaviour segmentation is crucial as it allows organizations to enhance the loyalty of the customers. Targeting: According to Grincheva (2015), targeting is nothing but the follow on process of segmentation. In this portion, organizations select a particular portion of the market in order to fulfilling the objective of the marketing plan. In case of VA museum, targeting will have to be primarily on the younger generation of the economy. Furthermore, prime focus of the marketing plan of VA museum will have to be on domestic people (Bryan 2016). Since, majority of the earning will come from these people. However, VA museum also have to induce people from another country to visit the place. Therefore, marketing plan of VA museum will have to implement two separate techniques. Positioning: As mentioned by Wickham, Lehman and French (2015) positioning indicates the final strep of STP analysis that focuses on the way by which customers will eventually view the products or services. VA will have to be extremely conscious about quality of the services provided to the visitors, as it will create direct impact on the brand development process of the museum. The management of the VA museum will have to ensure that the atmosphere of the museum is remain in such a condition so that it can allow visitors to enjoy them to the fullest. The VA museum are focusing on the quality of services to create a specific position for itself in the market. Marketing mix for Victoria and Albert Museum: Product: Victoria and Albert museum has several types of products that can attract people from all across the world to visit the museum. The product collection of VA museum includes educational resources for schools, colleges and universities, products for family activities, temporary exhibitions and special events, etc. Thus, management of VA museum has several products in order to enhance the popularity of the museum. Thus, management of VA museum has to utilize marketing departments, social media and press to develop effective marketing technique for the museum so that people from all across the world get influenced to visit the museum. Price: As per the article by Hooper-Greenhill (2013) price play a key role in developing effective marketing technique. Therefore, management of VA museum will have to utilize pricing structure in such a way so that majority of the people can able to visit the museum without facing any financial troubles. Therefore, marketing plan of VA will have to be created in such a way so that it can induce government and private sector to invest more for the development of the museum. However, government regulation has made entrance to the museum completely free of cost. Therefore, VA will have to impose prices for the exhibitions and other functions to increase the level of income of the museum. In fact, pricing strategy of VA museum also have to include the kind of charges the cafes and other shops are charging at the area of museum. Place: The prime two factors that management of VA museum will have to consider regarding the place of the museum are as follows: The marketing campaign of VA museum will have to highlight the transport convenience from Heathrow Airport for the foreign visitors. It also has to highlight availability of bus and tube to reach to the place of museum (Lewis 2015). Since, transport convenience will definitely help VA museum to enhance the popularity in recent future. Another factor that management of VA museum will have to consider at the time of implementing marketing campaign is highlighting excellent architecture of the museum. Since, it has the capability to induce people from all across the world to visit the museum. Promotion: Promotional techniques of VA museum are as follows: Management of VA can use newspapers, magazines for the utilization of the advertisement tool. Furthermore, it can also include radio so that people can able to understand kind of satisfaction they will receive by visiting the museum. Marketing campaign of VA museum also have to utilize leaflets, posters to encourage people to visit museum. Sales promotion and direct mail is another technique that management of VA museum can utilize to increase the popularity. Social media is another platform that has to be taken into consideration by the management of VA museum to improve the popularity. People: VA museums marketing plan also have to consider people who are related to the popularity of the museum. Therefore, management have to provide proper pay and benefit structure for the employees to ensure they give their best effort for the success of the marketing plan. Management also have to ensure that the culture of the museum remains at highest order so that visitors can able to enjoy to their fullest. Physical environment: Physical environment reflects the space that is surrounded to the visitors at the time of consuming service. Thus, management not only have to focus on the cleanliness or visuals inside the museum but also have to maintain proper atmosphere in the surrounding areas of the museum. Process: Management of VA museum also have to consider the process by which visitors will be allowed to view different sites of the museum. This is crucial, as it can have huge impact on the satisfaction level of the visitors. Thus, utilization of the proper process will allow VA museum to fulfil all its marketing objectives. Conclusion: From the above discussion, it can be assess that many factors can have huge impact on the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Therefore, VA management have to extremely careful at the time selecting any marketing plan for the museum. Otherwise, the marketing plan of the VA museum might not able to fulfil all its objectives. Conversely, the above analysis highlighted the fact that if management of VA museum can able to utilize all the factors effectively, it will definitely induce people from all across the world to visit the Victoria and Albert museum. References: Black, G., 2015.Developing Museum Display for Informal Learning(Doctoral dissertation, Nottingham Trent University). Bryan, J., 2016. Making Them Laugh, Making Them Cry: Theatres Role in Challenging History.Challenging History in the Museum: International Perspectives, p.59. Calinao, D.J. and Lin, H.W., 2016. 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